Steve Humphries is the Founder and CEO here at Compute Unit.

Steve has been programming since he was 9 years only when he received a Sinclair ZX Spectrum for Christmas in 1982. For the last 20 years he has mostly been a Graphics / Rendering / Tech programmer at companies such as Sony (Evolution Studios). Having worked as the main graphics programmer on games such as Super Trucks Racing and TT Superbikes at Jester Interactive, he moved to join Evolution Studios in 2004. There he worked on the MotorStorm series from it’s inception on PS3 and it’s subsequent sequels MotorStorm: Rift and MotorStorm: Apocalypse. After that he worked as a Graphics / Core Tech programmer on the PS4 title Driveclub. More recently he joined Codemasters who picked up the Evolution Studios team and was working as a Core Tech programmer on multi-platform (PC, PS4, XBox) bring-up for a brand new Racing IP, called Onrush. And in 2017, Steve founded Compute Unit with the aim of creating unique and innovative Indie titles.


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